9 Profitable Startup Ideas In 2024

Updated: 29 December 2023


If you want to start your business in 2024 1st time and you think it must be profitable, or you are also a businessman and still wanna start an innovative side business, you must find your interest. Your interest is needed. You should also research the market.

It should match your audience’s needs. Because this is the rule of business, your product must be Profitable Startup Ideas for your audience. And it must be in high demand with low competition. Here, you will get 09 good startup ideas in 2024 in the USA, UK, and Australia. Delve into the importance of business strategic planning for startup success.


1. Online Reselling Business

If you are interested in the fashion and clothing industries, start your online reselling business. This business has two significant benefits. The first benefit is that you can create it without a budget. The second benefit is that you have not faced any failure or loss. Because if you cannot rank this business, you will cancel your partnership with that business person. 

The online reselling business works like a dropshipping model. You have to find any online store or physical store that provides you with apparel at a wholesale rate and demands payment after selling these products. 

You can start to sell it on your website as well as on your social media apps. This business model takes your dedication, but if it ranks, it must be a highly profitable business. You can make thousands of dollars in profit by doing this business. 

2. Pet Sitting Business

If someone wants to make money with entertainment, a sitting business idea is best for it. 

In the US, about 86.9 million homes own pets like dogs and cats. If we keep an eye on research, about 70% of people keep pets in the USA, which increased in three years. 

When pet owners have to go outside from home for an extended period, they need a pet-sitting service. You can sell this service in your own home as well as a pet owner’s home. In this way, you can charge hourly 15$ to 20$

In this service, you have to take care of a dog or cat. Feed them and play with them. In the case of customer support, you have to update the pet owner every day on its activity, its health, and whole things. 

You can also do your work by using a laptop and the Internet. By this, businesses can make two income streams at one time.


3. Consulting Business

This business is for a person who has ten to twelve years of experience in your field and built a team. Now, you can do consulting business in your special field, which must be social media marketing, real estate, communication, or business. 

This is also an intelligent business idea with multiple income streams. 


4. App Development Business

If you are a technology expert and can play with software, apps, and websites, you should develop your business and career in app development. 

According to research on the market, every day, 2 thousand apps are added to Google Play Store. You can judge the future of app development business success by these stats. 

Virtual Reality software is also popular and in demand nowadays in America and the UK. This leads to the VR App Development business’s success. 


5. Transcription Business

If you have practical listening ability and type quickly, the transcription business idea is for you; you can do it from your home with flexible time and can charge a handsome income.

This business depends on you on how much work you can do in 24 hours. If you want to want to do this work 24/7 24/7, you can continue. 

Medical transcription jobs are in high demand in this business. If you get a certificate in a specific niche transcription business, you get it soon. 


6. Creative Writing Business

If you love nature and can describe it in words, you can start as a copywriter work. In this business, you can write blog posts, website content, press releases, email copy, and newsletters. This business also requires marketing knowledge as well. 

Not just fancy words push buyers, but marketing rules are also needed to write content. 

If you add a taste of SEO to your writing, you can cover all the fields that need content, even big brands, marketing companies, and everybody who needs content for his business. 


7. Digital Marketing Business

About 70% of small businesses have websites and conduct their services online. And every day this percentage goes upward in the graph. How do business websites get orders? It’s by digital marketing.

 Digital marketing is the leading service that will boost your sales even in millions in a short time. So, this business has a record future because every business person needs a digital marketer. Digital Marketing is a single word that covers all the marketing strategies like SEO, pay-per-click, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing, which open a massive business opportunity for you.

If you show terrific results for your client, you can get enormous benefits. Be an expert in digital marketing and brighten your future by fulfilling your multiple goals.


8. Personal Training Business

If you are a gym person and by following his passion, you made your gym your dream home,

You can start your personal training business by sharing your expertise in this field. 

Nowadays, gym training is an in-demand business, and everybody wants to reshape their body reasonably and is tired from their obesity, stress, and depression as well.

You have to help out your customers in exercises. 1st, make their plans according to their goals and then start practice. Only exercise is not enough; you have to make healthy diet plans for them to follow along with their gym work routine. 

This business not only makes you rich but also intelligent and elegant as well. 


9. Resume Writing

Every day, several jobs are posted on different platforms. Each job requires a resume showing your educational and professional background, even if you want to get a career shift or sitch your work environment. 

At this stage, everybody needs a resume writer. If you are a resume writer, you stand out from your clients’ resumes from the competition and must be selected. 

A cover letter and portfolio are also a plus point that will show your work and expertise. 

You do not have to get any special certifications or training; you just need to have organizing and proofreading skills. If you have these skills, you can start this business right now. 


In my last words, if you want to make your 2024 successful, you should start multiple profitable businesses like online reselling, pet sitting, copywriting, Transcription, personal training, and resume writing. You can choose any one of them according to your interests and skills. Make your 2024 Bright.

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