High Demand and Fast-Growing Industries

Updated: 31 December 2023


Every candidate is looking to find a job in a high-demand and stable industry. What does that mean in high-demand and fast-growing industries? It means you can expect a high salary, and stability in your job and these industries also provide a chance for career advancement and progress.

If you are a skilled and professional candidate who is confident to find this kind of job, then research the market of the US, UK, and Australia and try to find high-demand industries. In this article, you will get to know 12 high-demand industries. Learn about the best small business ideas within these fast-growing industries.

12 Fast-Growing and High-Demand Industries

These industries experience a high growth rate day by day and offer handsome salaries in various job opportunities. Here you will get to know about  12 high-demand industries. 

1- IT Industry: 


People in the IT industry are in several different job positions Software Developer/ Engineer, System Administration, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, and IT support specialist.  

All these job positions offer high-demand salaries and accommodations in the technology industry. Its 90% of jobs are related to computers, software, and internet connections. In the research of Labor Statistics, the Bureau estimates that IT employment and occupations will increase by 12% over the next decade. It is all about the need for technology in the market as individuals and organizations as well. 

2- Financial Aid Industry: 

Financial Aid Industry

This financial industry works on behalf of its clients. Its services involve managing clients’ financial accounts and its all activities. If we discuss further financial services then it will be accounting, bookkeeping, billing, and auditing. Development of the IT industry increases its betterment rate due to the high demand for internet connections and software usage. BLS estimates that in financial services, accountants and auditors’ employment will increase by a 6% growth rate by 2028. 

3- Direct Retail Industry: 

Direct Retail Industry

This industry is also a part of the manufacturing industry and sometimes it also works as an individual industry. It helps in the sale of manufactured products till its doorstep delivery process. This industry is sometimes specified for a few products like newspapers, gasoline, bottled water, and food.  As its transportation service is quick and more effective, its orders are increasing day by day and delivery is at their homes. Its services are in high demand and will increase 2% growth rate by 2028. 

4- Real Estate Industry:

Real Estate Industry

This industry serves its audience to buy and sell constructed houses and other residential buildings. From 2 to 3 years, the prices of houses increased due to real estate professionals’ commissions growing. The selling and buying of houses have increased due to the real estate agents’ long-term relationships with clients. This industry will increase 7% its employment rate by 2028. Its employment includes agents and brokers as well. 

5- Finishing Industry: 

 Finishing Industry

The finishing industry involves specified construction trades like flooring, painting, and installing drywall. This finishing industry relates to the construction industry. As the demand for the construction industry increases, its demand will also increase. In the coming years, the demand for carpenters will grow by 8% and the demand for painters will increase by 6%.

6- Trucking Industry: 

Trucking Industry

This trucking industry is responsible for transporting goods from one place to another by road on truck. From 2 to 3 years, then there was a decrease in truck drivers which ultimately increased the salary of remaining professional truck drivers. Trucking companies equip the trucks specially and transport livestock, chemicals, and automobiles.  BLS estimates that its employment growth rate will increase by 5% in the coming 2028 years.

7- Architectural engineering Industry:

Architectural engineering Industry

Architectural engineering industry are providing most demanding services like buying, drafting, surveying, building inspection and several similar services. As the construction industry grows rapidly, its demand also increasing at the same level. As the economy of this country increases and spending on these projects, these architectural jobs are becoming more stable in the industry. This architectural industry will increase its employment rate by 8% till 2028 

8- High Demand Health Care Industry:

High Demand Health Care Industry

This healthcare industry is going to be very vast and dynamic day-by-day in well developed countries US, UK and Australia.  It includes several organizations which are responsible for diagnosing your health problems, diseases treatment and its prevention process as well as illness management and till the well being of that individual.

It is playing crucial role in maintaining public health and trying to ensure the health quality of all the nation. It includes different sectors like therapy, dental care, pharmaceutical center, mental health care and other critical services centers. Its demand is also increasing by passing every second due to the prevalence of different kind of diseases and injuries in the aging population of across the world. Its employment rate will increase by 8% in 2028

9- Fast Growing Transport Industry:

Fast Growing Transport Industry

This industry provides services of transport for passengers and cargos as well.  And this transportation occurs by air, land and sea. This industry uses different categories of vehicles like trucks, airplanes, buses and cars etc. World has become a global village so the demanding of this industry is boosting like a rocket speed, because everybody needs a reliable and consistent transport services. BSL estimates that the employment rate of transport industry will increase by 6%. 

Trending Personal Industry

People who are expert and professional in pet sitting, dating, wedding planning and child care provide these services to the audiences personally. 

 Furthermore, people in well-developed countries like the US, UK, and Australia, have busy schedules and they like to opt for personal services like food delivery, beauty treatment, child care, and many more. The 17% growth rate will increase by 2028. 

11- Drink Manufacturing Industry: 

Drink Manufacturing Industry

This manufacturing industry involves the design and creation of drinks and beverage products including both nonalcoholic and alcoholic. The drink manufacturing industry facilitates several factories like soft drink factories, breweries, wineries, distilleries, etc. This industry is growing day by day because of the number of factories are increasing which produce beverages according to the demand of consumers and small business investments in this industry. BLS estimates that sales professionals’ employment will increase 5% by 2028. 

12- Construction Industry: 

Construction Industry

The industry that is responsible for clearing the landscapes and constructing buildings safely and efficiently is known as the construction industry. 

This is a fast-growing and high-demand industry due to the high number of civil engineering professionals. It involves space improvement, land drainage, and dredging. This industry is growing fast due to an increase in the number of community improvement projects and urban area development projects all over the country. 

The employment rate of construction workers will increase by 11% before 2028. 

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